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21 June 2009 @ 09:00 pm
This is a locked community made by mich_x & sweetcandyys. This is mainly focused on doing Arashi related things. This is a community for our subbed videos and translations. Membership is moderated cause we're scared johnnys can find it. D= [actually it just Shion a.k.a sweetcandyys scared of getting sued and having to pay millions for uploading, but this not guaranteed way, but you know, be safe than to be sorry.]

To join this community, you have to do the following:

Read the Rules:
1. Don't reupload links anywhere else without permission.
2. Don't upload on streaming sites.
3. Don't edit the video. (eg. deleting the credits, adding your own credits, etc.)
4. Don't steal our videos.

Answer these questions.
1. Do you like Arashi?
2. Who are you a fan of?
3. Whose birthday is in the month of NOVEMBER?
4. State something stupid that you have done because of Arashi.
5. Do you feel happy now?

Comment in this post with your answers. By answering these questions, means that you abide by the rules. It is not necessary for you to comment about promising as long as you answer these questions.

Click the join button and wait for approval.

If you know how to read and understand, then do all the stuff mentioned above. There's no need to say "I promise ..." cause we believe that you know how to follow the rules and won't be breaking them. We're not scary people.

The list of applications are cleared weekly.
Try joining again if you haven't gotten a response from your application after 2-3 weeks.
Any comments posted for more than 2 weeks without any request to join, will be deleted and I won't check them anymore.

Note: If you're rejected and you're sure that your answers are not wrong, then comment again and I'll check. Sometimes it may just be me overlooking your comment and ending up rejecting. And if you're rejected, it can be for the following reasons: you're not answering what we requested, you did not comment.